Tuesday, January 5, 2010

angela's progress..shes a beast!

Today is Day 4! 400 cals for today... piece of cake! I have done well so far, staying within my calorie limit for the first three days, and today will be no exception! I've already lost some weight but I'm not doing an "official" weigh-in until Sunday the 10th so I'll post my weight then! :) Pictures will also be coming soon. Get ready for a transformation! I'm stoked. Day 1 food intake:I already forgot what I ate the first day - this is why i need to blog more regularly!!! Day 2 food intake:Fuze Low Carb drink: 20 cals90 cal pack of rice cakes: 90 cals1.5 pieces of pizza hut pizza: 405Total:  515Day 3 food intake: 4 ritz crackers: 64 cals4 oz. boneless skinless chicken breast: 120 cals12 spears of asparagus: 25 cals 1/2 100 cal pack of cookies: 50 cals 1 Tbsp fat free coffee creamer: 30 cals Total: 289 cals :)I have day four all planned out but I don't want to write it down until it actually happens! No jinxing myself!I'll be writing another entry about my grocery shopping experience later on today. Stay tuned and Stay strong! :)