Monday, May 31, 2010

wtf..perfect timing

ok so i just well not just..almost 2 months now yay single! ok lost about 4-5 lbs woohoo

but i really feel that now i can focus on me..really get into the this and redirect my attention into my weight loss..

im at 154 right now grr i kno..but i am determind to get where i want to be plus my ex bet me i would never get there so its going to be great having to show him that im amazing and skinny WITHOUT him!!!

my plan is do abc bc i well love it!!

day one today!!

and im not going to be like oh man i messed up now i should start this is it! i only have one chance to do this
i want my bmi to be 17! damnit!! i want that 110 feeling

Sunday, May 9, 2010


so im doing abc 6 is tomorrow..lost 2 lbs so far yay!!