Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve...

so im a member of a wonderful site..and i joined a strength fast..yeah just when i was going to start abc and go all the way..i try to do something ridiculous haha anyways im number 6 out of lucky number, maybe it wont be so bad

I just started last night, my dad again decided to have a super breakfast-pancakes..yeah i know! i just said i wasnt hungry which was true, i had 2 sips of coffee and 2 cups of fresh oj..pretty damn good! considering some girls have already dropped out of the fast..GO ME!!

ANYWAYS..starting weight for the fast is 156.5 exactly, i weight myself at least 4 times a day..thats the average..i dont look it though but whatev..wish me luck!

angela will be sending me some stuff..she is doing great!! oh happy new year