Monday, June 7, 2010

i know im a failure!

didnt eat for 2 days but little nibbles of stuff at work to keep from passing out..

today i had a salad w chicken..600 cals bc there was NO dressing!! go me or what??

im going home for a week on thursday..god help me!! if i get caught with this im dead!! but i have enough days to pump myself up to not fail!!

im hoping to stay under 600 a day..when i work i can get away with zero cals which is great..i can tell im losing inches but not lbs..i guess id rather have that then nothing right? ha i guess!!

oh at 153..from 178

to avoid food im sitting in my living room blasting music and reading other thinspo blogs and pictures..if i can get pass 9 ill be ok bc i never eat at night..i can feel this is it for me..its my time to get those long thin legs and beautiful hip bones..delicate arms collar bones are already showing thru the fat!

oh i decided to write the calorie limit for the day on my hand..hope it works