Wednesday, December 30, 2009

COME on new year

Oh a late night call from an ex in I've been up for like 2 hours!!! Gah! Thank god for blackberries!! Yay internet!!!
<3 modern tech

ok so my dad has been on this every morning breakfast thing, HUGE meals!! luckily ive gotten away from the table full and good about myself while still "eating" normal..haha like today cinnamon rolls and panetone (italian fruit cake)...well i managed to eat 1 yes 1 small..very small roll..while everyone else had 3!!! and i had 3 small cups of homemade banana apple juice..if anyone ever does the juice fast or needs healthy meals..get a juicer its the best thing ever. its just fresh fruit in a juice and most people will say its a full meal instead of 1 or 2 fruits alone isnt (weird but people dont get us gorgeous girls)

anyways according to my calculations and thedailyplate my intake for the day is 179, not bad but its mostly the juice so lots of fiber which is always a plus!!

oh i cant wait til the new year!!! i do take my vitamins if anyone is interested in knowing what bc it helps with hairloss and bone health!

much love! ava

ok so i did some running round the house and outside and then some..had half a cup of homemade veggie soup (thanks mom) 2 small brownies and 2 toasted chips..its that time so im craving salty, crunchy and sweet..just making sure i dont over do it!!! but im still under 500 plus loads of h2o and moving around keeps me warm cuz im super cold!! if on average i burn 2000 calories doing normal stuff and exercise, i should be in the negative right?? anyone know?? everything counts when trying to lose! come on ava why do i keep letting ana down!!

stop eating you chubby fat sweaty slobby chunky disgusting pig!!